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Are you a business leader struggling to provide your staff with meaningful professional development? Do you have little-to-no budget to spend on the training your staff needs and deserves?

Running a business isn’t easy. In such a competitive market, it can be difficult to find the time and money you need to effectively train your staff.

The Issues Business Leaders Face

As a business leader, you may be experiencing...

• Tight budgets that don’t have room for costly team development
• Staff training programs that are too expensive to afford
• Increased responsibility for both you and your staff
• Lack of time to deliver productive staff development

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The Solution Business Leaders Need

With Strength on Demand, implementing a powerful team development program doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. This comprehensive professional development program provides you and your team with an entire year’s worth of monthly training, without breaking the bank. For one very affordable price, you will get everything you need to walk into a meeting and provide your team with the training they deserve. Strength on Demand not only saves you money, but saves you time, too. With your purchase you will receive all of the presentations, worksheets, click-and-play videos and other resources you need to deliver effective team development.

You’ll also receive 12 monthly newsletter templates that will...

  • Contain a pre-written article for your team
  • Enable you to easily add your own company branding and content
  • Include a video tutorial to show you how to add your own content

The Benefits for Your Business

Strength on Demand provides your business with a host of benefits, including...

• A cost-efficient way to deliver high quality staff training
• Staff development that is meaningful and engaging for your employees
• Time-saving alternative to developing your own programs and resources
• And so much more!

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Strength on Demand Gives You:

12 Monthly Training Modules

  • 12 click-and-play video training sessions
  • 12 downloadable action worksheets (one for each session) for your entire team
  • Solutions to 12 top issues your leaders are facing that can prevent business growth

Weekly Live Q&A Calls with the Strength Leader Team!

  • Join us and representatives from other companies who are investing in their future on a weekly interactive call for support and accountability.
  • Interact as we help you and other companies identify and resolve real-world challenges.
  • Dig deeper into best practices that would up-level your team's experience and results

12 Monthly Newsletter Templates

  • Receive 12 plug-and-play newsletter templates to help you and your team stay connected with company news, highlights, projects, and more.
  • Each newsletter contains a pre-written article for your team to reinforce the Strength on Demand lesson for that month.
  • Includes a video tutorial to show you how to add your own content
  • Or use our optional done for you service and just send us your content

The Cost for Businesses

Every year, companies spend thousands of dollars on employee development and training. With Strength on Demand, you get an entire year of training, plus newsletter templates for the ultra low price of just $999!

The added bonus?

There’s no limit on the number of leaders you can train! Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, Strength on Demand will meet all of your staff development needs.


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About Deb Ingino

Deb Ingino is the CEO of Strength Leader Development. A highly sought-after executive mentor, consultant and speaker worldwide, Deb is well versed in business operations and in the importance of asking key questions most business leaders won’t ask themselves. She brings deep experience in leadership development, strategy, high performance team building, global operations, brand management, design, product development and training to her work. Her passion is for leading people to discover and maximize their strengths as well as those of fellow team members, while offering advanced strategies to achieve high performance.

Deb knows first-hand how strengths and leadership are keys to business effectiveness and growth. Her skills were honed through over two decades as VP of Global Brand Operations for Marchon Eyewear. In that senior corporate leadership capacity, Deb worked throughout the world to create and develop leaders, and to seed and nurture teams that now serve retailers in more than 80 countries.

Deb has shepherded the training of more than 1,000 global team members in seven languages. This work enabled Marchon to grow in value from $50M to well over $500M. She was recognized in 2008 and 2010 by the Long Island Business News as one of the “50 Most Influential Women in Business.”

Building on this success, Deb became a founding partner with her mentor, the renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell. She is now a certified coach, speaker and trainer on Maxwell’s global team.

With a trademark direct yet relatable style, Deb shares practical steps and helps business leaders dig deep to find, develop, and leverage their strengths and to move into the fullness of their own potential.

Money Back Guarantee

There’s no risk to buying. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, just let us know within 30 days, and we will refund your money back – guaranteed.

So, what are you waiting for? Start saving time and money on your team training, and order your program today!

What Other Leaders Are Saying:

As business owners, sometimes it is a challenge to recognize our strengths, weakness, and what is keeping us from achieving our goals. Deb has a talent for looking at individuals, teams, and organizations to help them identify and leverage their strengths. Inspirational, yet honest and direct, she can have an immediate impact on a company’s bottom line.

- Thomas M. Schwab

I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Deb on a regular basis since February 2014. Deb is one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers and trainers I have ever worked with. She has helped me become a better leader and influencer. She has helped me identify and develop my strengths, as well as recognize areas where I need more support from others to achieve my goals while helping my clients achieve theirs. She has both inspired me and given me the tools and the strategy to take decisive action and achieve extraordinary results.

- Nick Pavlidis, Attorney and Author

We are already exceeding business plan numbers by implementing Deb's processes in business but also the heart and mind changes as well. Thank you, Deb, for the value, expertise, and heart you bring.

- Tracy W.

Deb is a highly effective leader and communicator. She happens to be a wonderful person as well. With her remarkable skills and vast knowledge of the business world, she has taught me so much and added so much value to my life and business over the past 2 years.

- Phillip Carson R. Ph. DPh.

One of my biggest challenges in working in a leadership role has been the managing of staff and working with teams. After a few hard times, frustration was building up, and I needed to be strategic because I was having a hard time communicating and leading a team under very demanding circumstances and with high expectations. Deb guided me to re-realize what my strengths were, what my “wired style” was, and clearly showed me how to start understanding how other styles work and how could I efficiently work with them. Things changed dramatically in only a few weeks! I received very positive feedback, and I could see how things were starting to change around me. What I thought was going to become my first “dislike” of my job, actually became my first leadership development opportunity, and I embraced it mostly because of Deb’s insight and perspective.

- Marcia M.
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